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Impossible Quiz 2


It is very different from our first Impossible Quiz, thats why we made not the update of the previous one, but completely new app with the name of Impossible Quiz 2. There are many such games, but you will definitely like this one. Here are too many simple and complex answers. The main idea of the impossible quiz is to think out of the box.
We provide here 80 impossible questions where many of them can be separate impossible games.
People, who like impossible game, will definitely play it.
Here are drag and drop game, trivia game, quiz game, funny quiz and many more.
You have 3 life and many checkpoints. You can use daily 1 hint for free, or get 3 more for watching video advertisements.
If you make all 80 questions, it means that your IQ is quite high.
The impossible quiz 2 will be updated monthly.